Our vision is to push the boundaries of science, technology and business to make the world progress

SKB Global Research is a key arm of the organization with a mission: “To work on a variety of exploratory and applied research projects in search of solutions that help clients, governments and universities apply scientific breakthroughs to solve real-world business challenges.”

icon-researchLions hunt the same way they did a thousand years ago. Their life in their natural habitat is the same as it has always been, as is that of all other animals. However, human beings are the only species given the faculty to ponder, critique and improve their lives.

At SKB, we are always trying to either find new frontiers of knowledge or push the boundaries for those existing within areas of our interest, or where we believe we can play a positive role in providing solutions for our clients.

We collaborate, in the pursuit of efficiency and success, with universities, professors, and research organizations, participate in government-funded initiatives, partner with clients for specific issues, and passionately pursue internal initiatives for solving various industry problems.