Traineeships, thesis work, and practical training

Every year we offer students opportunities to work on interesting projects at SKB. Internships last from three to six months, and usually begin between April and June. Most internships at SKB require studies in business, media, engineering, or information technology but there are also positions for students from other disciplines.

Prerequisites for internships

The SKB Internship Program is for university students who are at least halfway through their studies. Good communication and analytical skills are essential for interns. In the program, you will face interesting challenges and become acquainted with SKB as a company. This program is also an excellent stepping-stone to a career with SKB or the consulting industry.

If you would like to be considered for our internship program, please write to us at:

Graduate Hiring

Recent graduates looking for exciting and challenging work

We offer a wide range of work opportunities for new graduates at SKB. We also provide induction and training to complement your education. At SKB you start with real projects from day one. Working with experienced colleagues helps you develop your skills. SKB is an innovative company – we value new ideas and new thinking. We look for people who are motivated to learn and develop. This is the place to start if you are looking for interesting and challenging assignments, and if you want to bring new ideas to our business. Some examples of entry-level roles include: Project Engineer, Design Engineer, Marketing Assistant, HR Analyst and Business Analyst.

If you have recently graduated and would like to be considered for our employment, please write to us at: