Swift and customized solutions that allow you to leverage the AWS platform in an efficient and cost-effective way

AmazonWebservices_LogoAmazon got the first-mover advantage in enterprise cloud computing space, and has matured its services since starting in 2006. Business can rely on AWS for running their IT infrastructure, platform, and applications without incurring significant up-front capital expenditure, all done in an agile, elastic, flexible, and secure manner.

AWS is an OS and languageĀ agnostic platform. We at SKB believe AWS will be a go-to cloud choice for the traditional IT shops that primarily relied on Java or other non-Microsoft based application technologies previously.

SKB specializes in providing the following services for AWS:

  • Planning, design, and architecture for deploying applications on AWS
  • Migration planning and execution for AWS
  • Hybrid cloud implementing using AWS
  • Implementing disaster recovery in and using the AWS platform
  • Cost optimization for AWS
  • Security, audit, and review for applications deployed on AWS

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