Some of the technology companies we have partnered with are:


NetApp provides enterprise storage technology known for its unified architecture. Our partnership allows us early access to new developments in the NetApp software and hardware products to better serve our customers.


VMware is a leader in providing data center virtualization solutions. Our partnership with VMware allows us to stay abreast in providing end-to-end virtualization solutions and integrating with storage.


We agree with Cisco’s vision for convergence of compute and network layers, and believe Cisco is poised to take greater market share in the server market. We specialize in implementing Cisco UCS to build private cloud infrastructure.


Oracle has been known as the database provider for mission-critical applications. With acquisition of Siebel, PeopleSoft and Sun Microsystems, it has been rapidly moving into providing vertically integrated application and infrastructure solutions. Our partnership with Oracle helps us provide end-to-end technology solutions to our clientele.