Expertise and solutions you are looking for to get the best out of your mission-critical systems without breaking the bank

SAP plays the role of the circulatory and perhaps nervous system for many of the world’s leading organizations today. With practices like Just-in-Time Inventory and reduced time-to-market, there is more pressure than ever on the SAP system to be more reliable, streamlined, and be able to provide fast rollout(s) for new features and products. At the same time, there is increasing demand to reduce SAP development, rollout, and support costs.

SKB understands the underlying criticality for SAP landscape(s), and has experience in delivering superior rollout and integration services for SAP at unmatchable costs. We utilize some of the leading technologies to enhance our SAP delivery capability, and our professional services team provides superior value to our customers that is unbeatable in the industry.

We specialize in following services for SAP:

  • Cloud implementation for SAP
  • SAP infrastructure deployment
  • SAP backup and disaster recovery
  • ERP & CRM Integration
  • SAP front-end development
  • SAP HANA deployment