Solutions for securely and efficiently deploying applications, platforms, and infrastructure in the cloud

Gain the speed, agility, and security your business needs through cloud computing

Cloud Computing ConsultingCloud computing has become part of almost every IT conversation, from strategic planning to tactical implementations. While corporate leaders are mesmerized by the cloud’s promises of drastically improved business and IT agility while lowering IT costs, a well-defined cloud strategy is a must-have for every corporate CIO.

As a manager, the better you are able to aim, deploy, and execute on your cloud strategy, the faster it will achieve the business objectives. SKB’s suite of cloud solutions can help you:

  • Choose applications and align cloud opportunities with business strategies
  • Secure workloads by giving them minimal visibility
  • Manage Cloud IT environments using a unified view

Cloud Computing Benefits

Our Cloud Computing Solutions provide organizations with:

  • Speed that moves applications up to 80% faster without increasing risk. This is the speed that gives you an edge in meeting your customer’s demands
  • Security that isolates various environments thus protecting you from unknown threats
  • Cost savings through optimized management of infrastructure resources


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